up with bubbles!

i can't believe the semester is almost over. i know i keep saying that, but it's so true. i guess when you enjoy something, it seems to go by quickly. that's just not fair! *pout*

still no leads on a part-time job. i was going to go interview with a methadone clinic for contract, part-time work, but they want me there at 6am several times a week. i'm guessing the pay for 10 hours/week will not be worth the agony of dragging myself out of bed at 4:30am. i don't have any other concrete leads. the other community colleges around here are not hiring at the moment. maybe i should try something completely different. or maybe i should cool my heels and be patient.

it's such a nice day. we have been so blessed with good weather lately. i had been feeling queasy earlier (i suspect from allergies and drainage), but sitting out on the benches in front of the school helped a lot. i would give almost anything to not be allergic to mold. i have a student in my afternoon class with the same problem. she looked like hell today. we need bubbles. to hell with the bubble boy. i will be the first bubble girl!

happy hump day.

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