feelings...nothing more, nothing less

the three of us are practicing telling each other how we're feeling. it feels completely unnatural, but i know it will benefit the whole family. right now i am feeling quite hungry. and a bit tired. and a little sad. the hungry and tired will probably go away after dinner. the sad part hopefully will be gone when i am joined by my husband and daughter in a few minutes. it's funny how the whole world can seem so empty when just one or two people are missing.

i am taking a shot at the "beginner yoga" class at my new gym tonight. they have an intermediate class, but i am not sure that i qualify. it will be odd to be out after dark on a weekday. we are really homebodies during the week. we don't usually go out to eat, go to concerts or really anything else if there is work/school the next day. when i was taking that ballet class, it was at night. the only thing i didn't like about it was that i was so hyped up when i got home that i had to take some time to wind down before i tried to go to sleep. i don't think i'll have that problem with yoga. it will feel good to be getting some regular exercise again.

sometimes i don't feel like i give enough of myself to my friendships. i have a friend who lives in austin (about a 2.5 hour drive). she is about to move to georgia, yet i am resisting driving to austin to visit her while i can. i hate road trips for one thing and gas prices make the trip more unappealing. when are we ever going to get transporters like in "star trek?" beam me up, barbara!

okay, hunger is turning uncomfortable. i shall go preheat the oven for a magnificent feast of ham steak, potatoes and broccoli! that should get me in the mood to sit in a room full of strangers and attempt to perform yoga poses...

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