to be gay or not to be gay

since we have been on vacation, my days have been so thrown off. yesterday, both the captain and i were convinced that it was sunday. so we acted accordingly - kinda sad and down because the next day is a work day. but once we realized that it was actually saturday, our moods improved. then it dawned on me that we often waste sundays feeling bummed. why waste a perfectly good day off being in a bad mood just because the next day is not a day off? that doesn't make much sense. so, today being sunday, we have kept a good outlook. punkin and i actually even made it to church.

now, we're hanging out until about 4:15 when we will leave to see ice princess at the movies. it's so hard to find a rated "g" movie anymore. even most of the recent disney's have been "pg". ah, well...you can't protect them from everything. besides, i am sure she hears language much worse than "pg" at school. she's already informed me that she is gay because she loves me and we are both girls. ugh.

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