where's the justice?

the butterfly effect is defined as something small that makes a big impact on the larger picture. my friend that i wrote about earlier who had a run in with cps called me today. she said that her daughter is now cutting herself and saying things like, "if you die before me, i will run out in front of a car and kill myself." keep in mind that this child is 5 years old.

my friend is putting her daughter back in counseling, which is obviously needed. apparently, this whole stupid cps thing brought back some memories and feelings of shame that the daughter had about being molested by her ex-stepfather. if he had just left her alone, she would be a healthy, well-adjusted little girl today. it makes me want to go burn his house down (he lives in my neighborhood).

but instead, our little friend is exhibiting symptoms of borderline personality disorder and is talking about suicide - a concept that 5 year olds usually don't grasp. my friend asked her daughter why she cuts herself. "don't you love yourself?" she asked. "i used to, but not anymore," is the answer. gee, i wonder why.

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