where did the weekend go?

is it monday already? the weekend was pretty good, even though i didn't have much time for myself. punkin decided to be my shadow, which is annoying and sweet at the same time. we went to a skating party on saturday and then to see shark tale with friends on sunday. i was pretty disappointed in that movie.

it is such a beautiful day. it is sunny with low humidity. i should be at the park doing some power walking. maybe i'll do some regular walking around the neighborhood instead. i have been skipping lunch lately, so i have lost some weight. but i know i need exercise in order to keep my stress level down and my energy up.

speaking of stress, tomorrow is my "performance review" at school. that basically means that the department chair sits in my classroom and watches me teach. i am not worried about my performance, but i am a little worried about engaging the class. i have come up with some activities that theoretically will work well. of course, all of my demonstrations and "theoretical" activities have fallen flat this semester. go figure. they don't pay me enough to do this stuff.

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