a post about nothing

i like having garage sales as much as i like having my toenails pulled out. but we had garage sale #2 this morning. we tried it on a friday this time with not much difference in customers. we made about 1/4 as much $$ as we did before, but we also didn't have many big items left to move. the salvation army is coming tomorrow in a big truck so that we can get the use of our garage back.

i haven't done anything for school today. it's refreshing. i did get to see a new client, who says she wants to continue (yay!) and also made an appt with another new client for tomorrow afternoon. when it rains it pours! sometimes blessings are more obvious than others. and then you have my mood. crap. i wouldn't call it "depression" but i am certainly not happy. and i don't know what would make me happy. it's times like these when i know i need a real break - a weekend away with the hubby, a nice massage, a giant chocolate sundae, etc. i just got done preaching to my client about not taking care of herself. i should practice what i preach. why is that so hard??

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