no fear

well, i made it through another test without showing any fear. 1/2 the class failed, but i know it was an easy test. a few of the students who made good grades told me so. i think the others just didn't care enough to study. oh well. it's their parents' money, not mine.

sometimes i get lazy and just copy the chapter outline out of the teacher's guide. i have found that when i do that instead of making my own, my lectures suck. i guess it's hard for me to deliver someone else's material.

i am doing a lecture on IQ tests and wanted to show the class what one looked like. the psych clinic at my alma mater is going to let me borrow one of the more popular tests, the WISC. though i can't show any of the actual items, it will sure help me to describe them. so the world keeps turning and the students keep failing...

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