i don't care

i study people for a living. i like it because it is never dull or routine. people are so different in so many ways - looks, personality, interpretations of the world, and opinions just to name a few. so, in my own uniqueness, on my own blog, i will state my opinion about the presidential race and other political issues.

basically, i don't care. i have never been, nor do i ever plan to be, registered to vote. as a result of this fact, i have been slandered in many ways by many people. whatever. i also make a point of not participating in conversations regarding politics. if i don't vote, then the contents of that particular discussion is of no use to me, except for entertainment purposes. from what i have heard lately, i would have to say that this presidential race sounds like just about every other political contest that i have remotely paid attention to. basically, it's about the lesser of 2 evils.

i believe that politics is all politics: it's about who can buy the most votes and who's the best schmoozer. i believe most politicians are liars. therefore, i do not elect to participate in the voting process. am i unamerican? no, i was born here. am i not doing my civic duty? perhaps, but the pay is terrible anyway. so please stop sending me emails about the candidates and what they did in 1957 in the backs of their cars. i still don't care.

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