bizzy, bizzy, bizzy!

i remember a time when i wasn't so busy and in a hurry. i used to watch tv commercials and read magazine ads about time management and having to carve out time to do the things you like to do. i wondered what the heck was wrong with these people? how could you possibly be so busy that you can't return a phone call or run to the grocery store for milk?

i went back to graduate school when punkin was about 2. while school was very challenging, it was basically my job to do my schoolwork, study and keep up with the house. with only one child, the house was usually fairly clean. life was good (except when i would cry about an upcoming test).

now, i find myself the star of one of those tv commercials. i really am busy. from dawn until dusk busy. the neverending to-do list busy. what the heck happened? i think that my expectations of myself are too high. i graduated with my masters and started thinking, "i have a master's degree now. i am a professional. i must be or look busy at all times." i miss stopping to smell the flowers in bloom in the yard. i miss taking my time to get myself and punkin ready in the morning. i miss lazy saturdays when we stayed in our jammies all day. i think i am ready to slow down and start prioritizing my life. in the long run, it doesn't matter if punkin gets to school a few minutes late or the toilets haven't been cleaned in a couple of weeks. i am officially sick of missing my own life because it whizzes by me at warp speed. it's time to put on the brakes so that i don't miss any more.

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