the witching hour

happy halloween! my witchy self will be out and about with my little angel tonight, demanding candy from neighbors. the great thing about accompanying the kiddo is that we get a buttload of candy and we don't have to hand any out! there were a couple of years when she was very small when we sat on the driveway handing out candy. it was fun to see all of the costumes and to make the kids happy. but it's also fun to see punkin get all excited and get with her friends to go door knocking. we lowly parents stay at least 3 strides behind them so they won't be embarrassed that "mommy and daddy" have to go with them. at age 5! i thought that didn't happen until the pre-teen years!

the one thing that does make me mad is groups of teenagers riding in the backs of trucks, getting out every so often to get candy from people. they don't even bother to dress up. and when you ask them what they're supposed to be, they say something smart like, "i'm a juvenile delinquent." believing every word of that, i reply "i don't encourage delinquency. go to school." and take my candy basket inside. no sugar for you - one year!

oh - and what's up with all of this "fall festival" crap? are people having to be so pc that they can't say "halloween carnival" anymore? will the neighborhood residents start thinking that every school, church and non-profit organization that throws these parties are devil-worshippers? it's those few religious zealots that take the fun out of an extended halloween. i'm going to tp their houses.


jelq said...
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Erik Mann said...

great post, i'll come visit again soon...erik