home sweet home

i think i am becoming a homebody. that's homeBODY, not homeboy. for two words that are so different in meaning, they sure are close in spelling! anyway, i had 2 occasions to socialize this weekend, and turned both down flat. i like to see my friends, but i don't feel up to putting forth the effort to do anything. they should all come to my house and then leave by 9:00 so I can go to bed.

we were going to have a garage sale today, but i looked at the mountain of crap that needed to be sorted through and priced on friday and said no way. i'll need at least another week to do all of that. it looks like next weekend, i'll be forced to be social. we have a wedding to go to saturday night. if b. wasn't such a good friend, i'd tell her that i came down with botulism and can't make it. sunday we're going to the renaissance festival, which we do pretty much every year. i wouldn't mind backing out of that either, but my dad already bought us tickets - and they ain't cheap. oh well, force the open bar and turkey legs on me. go ahead.

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