life as i know it

ahhh...i just got done perusing my favorite blogs. it's nice to catch up with everyone. i have been feeling pretty puney lately, thanks to the plethora of mold spores around here. lying on the couch with a heating pad on my head gets old after a while.

i blog while captain crotch and punkin work out on the universal gym in the other room. punkin loves to "work out." she didn't even realize that she missed dance class tonight. it is at such an inconvenient time - 6:15. that's about the time we eat dinner. usually, i make something in a hurry so we can get there, but tonight i was in no mood to rush. my last dance class is this thursday. i think i am really going to miss going. my timing is all off and i can't keep up with the choreography, but it is fun and such a great workout.

tomorrow, i face my students with the graded tests. i can't believe how badly most people did. the class average was an 81. i thought it was pretty sad, since the review basically outlined every concept on the test. i did have one girl make 101 (bonus points), but the next highest grade was a 90. i was disappointed. and i know i am going to have an angry mob tomorrow. i must remember who the professor is!

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