boring lice

oh my goodness, my intro class is driving me insane. i am boring myself! i just don't know what else to do to make them pay attention. a couple of guys slept in class today. i should've thrown an eraser at them. but then i'd get sued by their parents. blech. if they would just speak up and start discusssions like my lifespan class, things would be so much more interesting!

in other news, a friend of mine called yesterday and said that her kid was sick. she obviously didn't want to tell me about the illness, but i kept being nosey. finally she said in a whisper, "she has lice." it was like she was telling me that her kid had venarial disease or something. since when is head lice taboo? it's not like you have to do anything dirty or naughty to get them like you do with pubic lice. and these are little kids! maybe she feels ashamed as a mother - like she didn't do a good job and catch it in time. not that you could do anything about it until your kid is scratching, and by then they're everywhere.

today feels like friday. i am going to the chiropractor later today. i am so sick of taking migraine and allergy pills! obviously, traditional medicine is not working for me. pretty soon, i will be touting the praises of herbals, burning incense and doing meditation in class! Oooohhhhmmmmm....

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