i remember when i looked forward to 3-day weekends. usually, it was a time to party and then recoup for the work week. the short work week. my, how things change.

nowadays, my 3-day weekends consist of finding ways to keep punkin entertained, being her short-order cook and playing "school" until i get so bored i can't stand it anymore. having a kid sure changes a lot of things. i don't know how people deal with 2 or more!

tomorrow should be a no-brainer since we are going to my dad's for the traditional labor day bbq. she'll have plenty to keep her occupied so i can sit around and gorge myself. monday, i really need to work - to plan out my lectures for tuesday. i will be so glad when i have all of the chapters outlined. i am only going to teach general psych next semester, so i'll have that all done. no more last-minute lecture-making!

i'm not sure where all of this is going. i've agreed to teach again, so i'll have a small income from that. 2 of my associates are really interested in leasing an office with me. i feel kinda dumb shelling out $$ for a nice office because i just have one patient. but i know that this would be an investment in the future. don't let me convey the wrong idea - i really like not having to fight traffic to go to an 8 to 5 job anymore. my time is my own for the most part. i just always feel like i have so much to do and am so behind. i think i have unrealistic expectations of myself and my business.

happy labor day! remember not to labor on monday. =)

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