snap, crackle, pap

i just went to visit my friendly neighborhood gynecologist. yeah, it's not my favorite thing to do. but the circumstances were strange. last week, i called and made an appointment with a dr. smith for today at 2:30. so i go to dr. smith's office to find out that she is not there on tuesdays. what the...?? the friendly staff told me i could see a different doctor if i wanted to wait. the doctor was very nice, thorough and i was very comfortable with him. and he even sent a potential client my way not 10 minutes after i left his office! methinks i was not supposed to see dr. smith.

class went so much better today than last week. in general psych, we actually ran out of time - and not one person indicated that it was time to go. i really think they were getting into the information. or maybe they were flailing their arms wildly, but i was so into the lecture that i didn't pick up on it. in any case, i think i am going to like this teaching gig.

my first real client is scheduled for tomorrow! i may fall over from the shock of having a little income, so if i don't post anything for a few days, check the trauma centers!


terry said...

not supposed to see dr. smith -- WHOA! Yer freakin`me out!!! *g*

You see, I told you I would be going through your archives... a month per day is working for me...

tigger said...

I like this...you are pointing out things to me that I wouldn't have noticed on my own!