monday babble

so the weekend is over. we drove 4 hours to basically ride a boat. well, the house we stayed in was a mini-mansion, so that was nice. the roommate that snored very loudly wasn't nice.

i am trying to find ways to engage my freshmen in class. i am enticing them with extra credit and group work. we'll see if that works. i don't want to be just stared at again. i think i need to slow down and ask more questions.

it's so sad that there's no real radio anymore. flip stations at any given time, and the majority of them will have commercials or talk on. i guess to get any music these days you have to get satellite radio or just listen to cds.

punkin picks up on the funniest habits of mine. the other day, she was getting frustrated at something and yelled, "God bless!" like i do when i am frustrated. it's funny how she's becoming my little mirror. she won't let me walk her to her class anymore. now i have to drop her off at the front door. she's getting so independent, but she still needs me sometimes.

i hope everyone is having a nice monday, as far as mondays go!

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