it's my party...

happy birthday to me! ugh. when did birthdays become so depressing? i honestly didn't even realize my birthday was coming up until rabbit mentioned something about it last week. i remember being a little kid and counting down the days to my special day. my friends are taking me out for dinner, so that will be nice.

man, i have so much to learn about this teacher gig. i had prepared 2 chapters to cover in my lifespan class. we barely finished one! that class is full of people who actually participate in the discussions. there are also a lot more "non-traditional" students in that class (i.e. older than 18). in my general psych class, there are a bunch of freshmen, straight out of high school. they say nothing. they stare. they doodle. they sleep. and the chapter that i had prepared to lecture about went by in 45 minutes. i could have just watched them breathe for another 30 minutes, but i decided to let them out of class early. note to self: bring lots of lecture materials...and maybe some crayons.

i am waffling about the psyhiatric hospital job. part of the reason i quit my old job was so i wouldn't have to drive into houston. with this job, i would not only have to drive into town, i would have to drive into town and deal with people who are in major crises - suicidal, homicidal, withdrawing from drugs. my inner voice is saying to forget it. that something else is in store. but my practical self says just do it. i can come and go as i please, and if i hate it, i will just quit. i don't know - i must think about it some more.

i have an official paying client set up for next wednesday! i am so excited! oh, and my boss at the college wants me to come back and teach in the spring. maybe teaching and private practice will be enough.

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