hot for teacher

my classes went fairly well this morning. i had one class fill out a form about their first impressions of me - age, marital status, etc. so that we can use them later on in the semester. the results were amusing to me. most people thought i was younger than i am. some people wrote that i look "motherly" and most wrote down that i drive a 4-door car or, more specifically, a honda or camry. a few people remarked on my tattoos and blue toenail polish - that it either made me look "fun" or young.

it's cool being on the other side of the podium. i think the syllabus and term projects have them all worked into a lather. they'll soon find out that i am by no means a "hard" teacher. i want to have fun while covering the material! i am definitely looking forward to thursday (which happens to be my birthday, btw).

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