working, beer, and bed-mates

what did i get myself into? i have basically been working non-stop on stuff for my classes and have only made a little dent in the pile of stuff i need to do! who knew that preparing course materials would be so time-consuming? good thing i like to do this kind of stuff. the neck pain sucks, though. i definitely need a better computer chair.

the weekend was good. saturday night we went to a friend's birthday celebration where i proceeded to drink 4 beers over 4 hours and ended up with a severe stomach ache. i think i am getting old. everyone was playing poker, and i was lying on the couch wishing i could just release a good fart. i told them i was into watching "trading spaces" though. i usually have no problem being brutally honest, but i didn't want to lose my good friend, who had invited all her buddies from out of town over for the party. sunday, we actually went to church for the first time in weeks and then punkin's friend came over to play for a few hours.

rabbit had to go out of town for work, so i will have a different bed-mate tonight. no, not a hot guy, my cute little punkin. i love it when she sleeps with me. i love waking up in the middle of the night and see her sleeping so deeply, looking completely innocent. it reminds me of when she was a baby. *sigh* i am also supposed to have a 7:30pm meeting with potential office-mates. looks like i will have to bring the punkin unless i can find a last-minute sitter. let's see - which one of my exhausted-after-working-monday friends can i call?? =)

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