faith in faith

last night, i prayed. i prayed for family, friends, and strangers. then i prayed for myself. i was doubting that quitting my full-time job had been the right decision. i asked God to just send me a nibble - an inquiry, a phone call, anything that would let me know i did the right thing.

this afternoon, i took a hotline call from the postpartum resource center of texas. after speaking with the woman for a few minutes, i suggested that she at least go to talk therapy, since she was not too keen on starting any medications. well, it turns out that she lives in my town!! we made an appointment for wednesday evening. she called back about an hour later, saying that her insurance was making her go through her company's EAP for a first step - and only a $15 co-pay. i was disappointed, but i understood. maybe she won't like the person she was sent to and will call me back! but anyway, there was my nibble. thanks, God, for getting me to have more faith in faith.

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