job fantasies

i was at a big-name discount store today, and as i was waiting in the express lane (ha ha...how i love that name - "express lane") i pondered getting a "regular" job. a job that is not in the mental health field, where i would interact with the public on a daily basis. where there's stress, but it's different from the stress i am used to. where you stand up all day and at the end of the day, you can feel that you've done a good day's work. where you don't end up awake at 2am thinking of new techniques to use with your personality disordered client.

but, alas, i know that working with john public is not fun. i remember when i was an office manager for an annoying door-to-door vacuum sales company, i'd have customers come in all the time and tell me i didn't know what i was doing. i'm getting you some vacuum bags like you asked. it's not my fault that you haven't upgraded your vacuum since 1947! but you can't say that. as a counselor, I could say that. then we explore what was holding the person back from getting a better vacuum. somehow, we'd end up back in his/her childhood, reliving the time mommy threw a plate at daddy and he/she thought it was his/her fault.

okay, i think i'll stick with this counselor thing for a little while longer. i'm not sure i could talk about the weather and have it really be about the weather.

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