the jitters

i need to discharge some energy. i have my first client in about 40 minutes. i don't know why i am so nervous. or maybe it's just excitement. this is the first time in 2 years that i have been able to do therapy my way - without taping the session, following a manual, or any other creativity-sucking measures being imposed on me.

today, i went on a field trip with punkin to reliant stadium. it was pretty cool. for one thing, most of the tour was air conditioned. we also got to hang out in the $10,000 per night clubs and suites. they were definitely sweet. we also got to look around in the locker room which the miami dolphins will be using this saturday. we got to see the gigantimungous workout room (where one player was training, dunno his name, don't like football), the players' cafeteria (there are 2 lines of food - "high cal" for defense and "low cal" for offense), and we even got to go down to the field and touch the grass. the painting people were putting the texans logo on the endzone. wouldn't it suck to misspell something and have to redo it all?

the kiddos seemed to have lots of fun and we got back into town around 12:30. long enough for me to get a haircut and make an appointment with my first client! woo hoo! okay, i better go find some shoes. i have been living in shorts and t-shirts for the last week and a half. it feels weird to be wearing something "professional" again. wish me luck!

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