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i have just disgusted myself. i have had a really foul mouth today. i don't know why. but my self-talk has been littered with f-bombs and other unclean words. and then here i go, commenting on someone's blog, about God's will. it just seems hypocritical. i still struggle spiritually so much. i was praying every day, reading my devotional and went back to church. i am starting to slack again. i can't let this happen.

i got a job interview today for a part-time position at a local inpatient hospital. i go on the interview thursday at 4pm. i'm sure i can nail the interview - i am just hoping they can accommodate my schedule.

in other news, i wanted to send some shout-outs to my favorite bloggers! you can find links to their blogs on the right panel.

kambri's daily dose: kambri is the one who got me into blogging a couple of years ago. we went to junior high school together back in the stone ages. now, she's a publicist in new york city! i admire her for her resliency and determination. you go girl!

meegan's not so simple: i love meegan's blog because she is so insightful and honest. she is not afraid to put herself out there, whether it be a weird thought or an emotional moment. i also love her quirkiness. we could totally be friends in real life.

skot's izzle pfaff: skot just plain cracks me up. he can take something dull and change it into something hilarious - and make it look effortless!

brenda's secret agent josephine: brenda's art always makes me smile. she is obviously a kind and generous person, who seems to have a zest for life. when i need a pick-me-up, brenda's always there with a beautiful picture or story.

danelle's this could only happen to me: danelle has the rare quality of not being afraid to write about normalcy. she doesn't try to make us laugh or cry. she tells it like it is, and if you don't like it, then leave a nasty comment so she can flame you in her next entry!! =) she's also a very caring person and is always right there with a kind word if you need it.

More pimps tomorrow!

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