is it safe to sigh?

the weekend was nuts, but we got a lot done. saturday night i had to go to a bridal shower since i was a hostess and all. i got home later than i wanted to. sunday morning we got up early and went to help my mom move. it went well, but took all day. we were/are so exhausted! but it's finally done! and mom really likes her new place.

today, i have finished my first lectures for both of my classes and have printed out all kinds of stuff to take to school and copy. i asked one of the full-time instructors how many students i could expect and she said "plan on 40." 40?? the classrooms don't look like they could hold 40 people. oh well. it's their paper and ink. i feel relieved to get that done, too.

next, i am going to start looking for a part-time job. the practice just isn't hopping right now and i need some real income. a couple of the inpatient hospitals are hiring, so i figured i'd check those out. wish me luck!

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