on the upswing

is it july already? i was planning out what days to take off of work this month and realized that i only have 4 weeks left at my current job. we get "merit days" instead of raises, so i have to take those before i leave. so little time, so many days off!

i also finally crumbled under the pressure this weekend. the stress of this job transition, trying to help my mom, being a wife and mother, etc. brought me to tears. it's amazing how cleansing a good cry can be. rabbit doesn't really know what to do with me when i get that way, poor guy. he wants to fix everything, but there's nothing he can do except lend a shoulder and an ear.

the july 4th holiday was quiet. punkin is at her grandparents' house. rabbit and i went out for a nice dinner and then came home and watched the best of steve martin. there's nothing like a good laugh, too. my mom is getting better and is now driving by herself for short distances. she is planning on returning "home" this weekend to tie up some loose ends. we found a great apartment for her down the road from our house with a fishing pier and a very cool pool area.

the carpet was installed without a hitch and looks great! yeah, life is looking up.

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