major home improvement chain gets a new name

we have been doing a lot of home improvement lately...new tile, carpet, wood floor, paint. the floor stuff was installed by a large chain store recently dubbed home duh-pot. does it really take a rocket scientist to schedule sweaty guys to come out to your house?

i'm sure i've written about the tile fiasco. well, the saga continues. we had a bag out grout and a whole box of tile left over, which rabbit went to return. he was sent to 4 or 5 confused "employees" who didn't know how to credit our account because they had given us some amazing discount that we didn't know about until now. it's been a week, so i called them and the chick whom rabbit had originally spoken to answered. i told her what the skinny was and she said the standard, "let me check the computer." then she proceeded to blame a person named robin who didn't check her "hot list" email. robin is such a slacker. original chick gave me her word that she'd have this cleared up by tuesday. should we take bets?

the latest project is carpet. they were supposed to install it last friday, and rabbit worked his tail off moving all small objects and breakables out into the garage. but it rained that day. not their fault. so, of course we had to get some stuff out of the garage over the course of the week. i can't wear beach flip-flops to work and punkin can't brush her teeth with toilet paper. i just checked in and supposedly all is well and they will be done shortly. i am skeptical and am steeling myself for some horrible carpet disaster (the wrong color, frieze instead of berber, etc.). call me a pessimist, but the past seems to speak for itself.

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