deep thoughts...

if all people had been completely honest with other people since the beginning of time, would anyone's feelings ever get hurt? i mean - if it were common practice to be honest...like i would say to a friend "you are acting like a spoiled child right now"...would he/she get mad or have some other reaction? it's kind of like the whole "if a tree falls in the woods with no one around to hear, does it make noise?" i hate that one.

and on a lighter note, i bring you the drug addict's guide to easing day-to-day ailments (inspired by true stories).

1. not a morning person? just can't get a jump-start on your day? try injecting crystal methamphetamine into your veins. made from miracle substances such as rat poison and draino, this is a sure-fire way to get your motor running!

2. are you a doctor, nurse, or a truck driver? do you need to stay up for days at a time? then crack cocaine is your answer! easy to smoke and easy to find, this inexpensive drug will keep you going for days! some satisfied customers have made it 2 whole weeks without sleep! also good for weight loss.

3. many people suffer from anxiety in this fast paced world. why should you have to deal with this debilitating illness? try mexican tar heroin! it can be smoked, snorted or injected for easy administration. if you don't mind the all-over-body itching, it can be your answer to instant relaxation and escape from the hassles of everyday life.

to order, send your name, address and $1000 to DEA, Washington, DC 10002.

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terry said...

On honesty: total honesty is, in my book, impossible. I could tell my roommate ('rom'on my blog) every single day that she behaves like a spoiled baby, because she DOES... but where would it get me? Out the door, fast.

I have a client who insists on being connected to me by MSN all through the workweek. She puts little "inspirational" messages on her MSN contact info each day. The other day, it was something along the lines of, "Truth equals peace." I was ITCHING to tell her, "THAT IS SO NOT TRUE!" but... again, it would have accomplished nothing except to rile her.

For these reasons, absolute honesty is impossible. And that, in case you ever wondered in the past 2-3 days, is why my blog is called Inner Dialogues - because that's where I tend to say everything that I'd never dare say out loud.

Now, honesty (I'm told) IS possible if you approach it the right way. If you speak gently, with compassion (god I hate that word) and tact.

I am working on being all those things, yeah. But it's bloody hard work, and sometimes I don't feel any damned compassion for the big spoiled drug addict controlling FREAK that is my rommmate.

(the other reason I call her 'rom' is because I can not, ever, properly type the word "roommate" at my regular typing speed.)