murphy's camp

murphy (see post from 7/11) has decided to set up camp here for a while. my mother has been waiting on a sizeable check, which finally came in the mail. we went to the bank to open an account, but couldn't because her legal name (her maiden name since the divorce) does not match the name on her driver's license (her married name). So, we had to call her neighbor and ask her to go find the divorce decree in my mom's condo and mail it to us so we can take it to the dmv and have her name changed on the license.
i woke up at 5:30 this morning to a very crabby husband. punkin was already out of bed and he was very angry. then he realized that the a/c wasn't working. he went outside to check the circuit breaker and found that it was tripped. he turned it back on and sparks flew. we called the a/c people and just agreed to buy a new unit - $2300 added on to our $4000 carpet/tile debt.
rabbit has a project going at work in which literally everything that could go wrong has. i am not sure why murphy is picking on us, but i wish he would get the heck outta dodge. but, we still have our health. aaaaaahhhhhhhhccccchhoooooooooooo!

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