life after murphy

i am sick of writing about murphy and i'm sure you're even sicker of reading about him. it's a fact of life that we all have good times and not so good times. this last series of events has just not been so good. as my mother says, "this too shall pass."
i wish i had something deep and meaningful to post today. i am looking forward to the weekend. friday is my and rabbit's 10th anniversary. of course, we feel so poor right now, we may just go to mcdonald's. but it still amazes me that we have been married for so long. with marriages failing all around us, we are the steady ones. i hope it stays this way.
punkin is probably going to spend the weekend with my dad. she just loves going to see her grandparents. i am grateful that they can take her. i know some people whose parents are either out of state or invalid and can't babysit. that must suck. so, if you're reading, thanks so much punkin's grandparents (you know who you are - and if you don't, i would advise a visit to a psychiatrist asap).

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