what happened to the weekend?

the 3 day weekend has come and gone. even though i don't know any deceased vets (except my grandpa), i want to thank them for not only their service to our country, but also for getting us a day off.

saturday and sunday were spent practicing for the dance recital and performing the recital. punkin looked absolutely gorgeous with her french braid and makeup. it gave me a glimpse into what i will gave to deal with in 10 years when she is a teenager. i must instill good values and judgment in her!

yesterday we went up to my dad's for a barbecue. i don't know who got hotter - the steaks or us. it was 95 degrees with about 95% humidity. even rabbit couldn't stand it for long, and he loves heat and humidity.

now i am back at work and feeling much better than i did when i left on friday. thanks for all of your supportive comments. it's nice to know i have empathic blog friends, too!

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