take a chill pill

i realized that i am officially a "pill head." That's what the "crackheads" and "dope fiends" call people who use pills as their drugs of choice. Mind you, most of my pills don't alter my consciousness, but i still take an inordinate amount of medication for someone as young as myself. forsooth:

anti-anxiety pills: take at bedtime to prevent intense panic attacks that make me think i am having a heart attack

anti-depressants: take in the morning to prevent severe crying spells, apathy and a general desire to be dead

anti-allergy pills: take in the morning to prevent sneezing, runny nose and sinus headaches that make my day miserable

birth control pills: take in the morning to prevent more children

sleeping pills: take occasionally at night to prevent insomnia

pain pills: take throughout the day as needed for arthritis pain; occasionally gives me a good buzz too

muscle relaxants: makes my tmj relax; makes me feel a bit drunk

and those are just the prescriptions! add in the ibuprofen and the excedrin migraine and you have a plethora of pills of all colors, shapes and sizes. so what's the point? i guess it is that i will probably die of liver disease some day. that and i have an extremely low tolerance for discomfort. is that so wrong?

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terry said...

This post amused me because of the offhand way you mention the reasons for certain pills (e.g. "to prevent more children").

I take pretty much the pills you take, with the exception of the birth control. I'd rather have the occasional hot flash than diapers to change. :)

In fact, it rather astonishes me to look in my bedside table drawer and see 3 pill bottles (anti-d, sleeping, anti-infl, head). It gives me a flashback to childhood when I wondered about the pill bottles on adults' bedside tables.

Now I know what they're all about. Another of life's mysteries solved.