falling down

i had my first public meltdown today! hurray! (not) i spoke with a client and some of the things she said really struck a chord with me with regard to my deceased client. they didn't know each other, and i couldn't tell her anything about him. but when she left, i broke down and bawled. i was supposed to do an assessment after that, but i couldn't stop crying. the poor guy that I was going to assess waited around for an hour for me. finally, we sent him on his way with an appointment for next week.

today really made me realize just how wonderful the people i work with are. my supervisor sat with me for a while and talked about what was going on. then, the senior nurse and 3 research assistants came in and supported me. as sad as i was, it filled me with appreciation to have these wonderful people around me, holding me up. i won't miss the work so much when i quit, but i sure will miss my friends.

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