my newest obsession on tv is the wb's superstar. the only other reality shows i have ever watched religiously were survivor 1 and the simple life. i guess i am just wildly entertained by watching people make utter asses of themselves. the fact that they think they are really good makes it even tastier. i suppose this show appeals to my dark side, but hey - even indiana jones was evil for a while. you know - after he drank that blood stuff in ij2. i just don't need the blood. i bet on mario or jojo winning. they are both beyond hideous. i was bummed that high-heeled, belly button ringed frank got kicked off, but i have a feeling he'll be back.

remember the episode of friends where everyone got to make their top 5 celebrities that they could do list? i don't quite know why, but i have been thinking about who would be on mine. here's what i have come up with:

5. alex lifeson - i have been in awe of this man since i was 15 years old. yeah, he could be my dad...so what?

4. matthew mcconaughey - the accent, the smile - no further explanation necessary.

3. harrison ford - ok, he's a little old for me, but he digs younger chicks. and besides, he was han solo!

2. brendan fraser - did you ever see george of the jungle? i know it was made for kids, but it made me hot.

1. orlando bloom - i know, get in line. but he is just so pretty!

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