a story with morality

i think there are two major requirements (besides the necessary general skill) to be a contractor:

1. you must have a heavy accent or not speak english well at all
2. you must be thoroughly uncoordinated with everyone else working on the project

we are attempting to get our crappy linoleum replaced with nice, ceramic tile. the project is being "coordinated" by a major home improvement chain that we have used before, gotten mad at, and used again just because there aren't many alternatives.

so...yesterday the plumber removed one toilet and the tile guys laid down the tile. the plan was for the plumber to come back this morning, reinstall the first toilet and then remove the second toilet. unfortunately, no one informed the plumber of this. the tile guys showed back up around 10:30am wondering why the toilet hadn't been replaced (or at least that's what i think they were trying to say). as we speak, the plumber is removing the second toilet, but hasn't reinstalled the first one and i have to pee. fortunately, our next door neighbors are out of town and have left their keys with us so that we can feed their dogs. and use their toilet, but i don't think that was part of the deal. i won't tell if you won't.

so what's the moral of the story? make sure your next door neighbors are out of town and have given you their key before you have contractors come to your house. wish us luck.

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