corporal punishment

last night the rain held off long enough for punkin to have her swim lesson. actually, it didn't rain at all to my knowledge. you can almost count on the opposite of what the weather people predict actually happening. 70% chance of rain? it will be dry as a bone. 10% chance? flash floods.

anyway, she did fabulously with the lesson. she seemed to like the teacher right away, and the fact that it was just her and her best friend in the lesson helped, too. i watched her float, kick, and kick off to the instructor. these are things that she would never do with me. i guess since the teacher is "official" she must know what she's doing.

so, the problem came when it was time to go. she didn't want to get out of the pool. she kept saying "no" when i would tell her to get out. so i did my little countdown from 5 to 1. nothing. i told her she was getting a time out when we got home. nothing. i told her i'd take her blankie away. nothing. so i had to bodily lift her out of the pool, wrap her in a towel, and put her in the car. when we got home, i told her to sit in time out. she wouldn't. i took her blankie. she cried, but stood there defiantly. then came the part i absolutely hate. i told her i was going to spank her. still nothing. so i did. i popped her on the leg just enough to give her a fright. she finally went into time out, but it was the longest 5 minutes of my life. she was yelling "i hate you!" and crying for her daddy.

after the time out, we discussed why she had been punished and then i told her how hurt i was by what she had said to me. i knew she didn't hate me, but the kid needs to learn how to control her mouth. we ended up making up with hugs and kisses, but i think it wore us both out.

what do you do when your child will absolutely not listen to you?


terry said...

My answer to that was to drink my face off, but eventually, I discovered that didn`t work so well. Fortunately, I had a child who listened much of the time. :)

tigger said...

LOL What a visual..."drink my face off!"