you can't always get what you want

it's raining. the weather people say it's going to rain for a few days. not that i care. i think rain is better than 95 degrees with 90% humidity. if it's going to be that humid, it might as well rain. but punkin is going to be so disappointed. last friday was supposed to be her first swimming lesson, but it got rained out. tonight was supposed to be the next one. looks like that's not going to happen either. i guess it's a good lesson - you can't always get what you want because lots of things are out of your control.

i took my car in to be fixed this morning. i had ripped up the front bumper backing out of our microscopic garage. after i had made all of the arrangements, it occurred to me that my insurance company could probably help me out. but i was too late. the mechanic had already started working on the car, so an adjuster wouldn't be able to see the original damage. oh, well. you win some, you lose some. yesterday i went to gnc to buy some vitamins and the salesman gave me a huge discount by mistake. of course, it wasn't a $900 mistake, but i'll take what i can get.

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