temporary rebel

i get tired of being responsible sometimes. my inner rebel comes out and i do things that i wouldn't normally do. nothing illegal yet, but you never know. i haven't exercised all week - oh the horror! but i have been eating lots of desserts to make up for it. i haven't been to church in weeks and haven't said a prayer in over a week. i haven't worked a solid 8 hour day in a week either. i have faked documentation at work. it's been a good week.

i must admit, i do miss the spirituality part of the equation and plan to get back in the swing of things soon. i'm sure i'll get my butt back in the gym next week because i am starting to feel tired and unmotivated. and i will go back to my honest, halo-headed self eventually.

as of this moment, though, i want to get on a harley and blow this joint. i am thinking a weekend in san diego is just what the doctor ordered.

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