dent this

i am back from vacation! thanks for all the offers to host me, but i ended up going to aruba. pretty fast, huh? actually i went to my favorite day spa and had a vichy shower massage. from their website: "Vichy Rain Massage - Absolutely our most exotic massage, a full one hour massage performed in the tropical environment of the Vichy rain shower." yeah! i had a massage while buck naked with 10 shower heads raining on me. i'm telling you, i really do feel refreshed.

in other news, punkin went to the dentist this morning. she held onto my leg when the hygienist came to get her. the thing that finally worked was me telling her that she wouldn't get to pick out a toy from the treasure chest if she didn't go back by herself. of course, she was perfect once she got back there. the first thing the dentist said to me afterward was "i hope your husband has good orthodontic insurance." that could either mean that 1) she thinks i don't work and depend on my husband for insurance or 2) punkin's future ortho work is going to cost a fortune. what do you think?

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