rx: pedicure

after i got the bad news yesterday, i went and had a pedicure. there's nothing that a good cry and a pedicure can't cure, or at least start to cure. my heart hurts. no one should be saying the word "autopsy" when they're talking about such a young person.

but life for the living goes on. i just got a really good performance evaluation from my supervisor. she wants me to stay on here. if there were any doubts that it was time to move on, recent events have quelled them.

since texas is so broke, we don't get raises anymore. i got 3 "merit days" off. but i have a schedule full of clients that need to be seen. i reconcile that by assuring myself that they won't mind not seeing me for a week. therapy is usually not their favorite thing.

i need a vacation. who will let me visit them? i have a plane ticket just waiting to be used. i won't take up very much room. i am very clean and am toilet-trained too.

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