i sat in church today for the first time in 3 weeks. the pastor was talking about how we should all be in a ministry. my first thought was "yeah you need more free labor." but as the hour went on, it struck me that serving on a ministry is the very least i can do for my God. for everything He has blessed me with, for all the wonderful people He has put in my life, i think i can take 15 - 20 minutes out of my all-so-important day to pray for those who need it. after all, i have been prayed for countless times by strangers and friends alike.

it's time for me to focus on my eternal home and not just what i do here on earth. yes, i want to do good works, but part of that is because i get personal satisfaction in helping others. i believe i just need to take more time for myself and my own needs now and then to avoid swaying to the selfish side of the balance scale.

thanks, God, church, and pastor tim.

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