My poor little blog is hanging in there. I haven't abandoned all hope just yet for it.

Saturday, we had an alarmingly strong storm pass through. It blew down tree limbs and street signs and even a couple of fences. That's all well and good - I mean, we really need the rain here. But I. freaked. out.

The power went out around 8pm, right in the middle of my viewing of Meet the Fockers. Inconvenient, yes - but not as annoying as having the electricity blow in the middle of a theater movie, which is what happened to my friends! They got real rain checks! Anyway, we were a bit put out and all, but it was nice and cool in the house and we figured the lights would be back on momentarily.

9:00...no power. 10:00, nothing. At 11:00 we decided to just go to sleep, but something weird started happening to me. Waves of panic and nausea pounded and crested over my mind and body. I started having flashbacks of the hurricane. I started hyperventilating and then finally determined that I should probably go sleep over at my "sister's" house since she still had power.

Yes, I have post-traumatic stress from Hurricane Ike. It is the weirdest and most awful thing I have ever experienced. If you have anything like this from any trauma in your life, you have my greatest sympathies.

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Texasblu said...

Well look at you - I didn't even know you had a blog! :)