Come On To My House

Thanksgiving was very nice, thankyouverymuch. I am presently astounded that: 1) It is December 1st; and 2) My alarm went off at 5am since I never changed it from last Monday. Yeah, I'm not that thrilled with #2.

Last night at 9pm (after spending all weekend with family and playmates), Punkin decided that she wanted to "spend time" with me. As in "let's do something together." More like I don't want to go to bed and face school tomorrow after 7 days off. The kid is an expert manipulator. By the time I got her tucked in, she had me convinced that I basically ignore her in order to spend time reading and watching TV. While I am addicted to House, I failed to assure her that she was the one who was too busy to pay attention to me.

Oooh...you can watch full episodes on the website!

What were you saying?

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