My Week "Off"

5:00 came early this morning, but I didn't really mind getting up. My friend Kat (who has been neglecting her blog) is having her sinuses roto-rootered today.

Someone asked me if I have this week off. I initially responded in the affirmative, but when I think about it, "off" is not the correct word. I am not going into work this week, but I had to get up early today and will hang out here at the hospital for 3 - 8 hours. Tomorrow I will be responsible for at least 2 little girls. Wednesday may be my only real day off without commitments. I was going to go visit my mom, but I think I might be delirious by then. 

Thanksgiving will be spent with my in-laws as tradition dictates. It's nice not having to worry about cooking. And it's one of the few times per year we get to see certain family members. It should be really nice.

I hope your holidays are turkey-licious!

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