It's hard to believe that Christmas is over! Where did 2008 go?? As I look back on the year, a few things stand out:
  • Punkin had her 2nd year of straight A's
  • Great vacations to San Diego, NYC and Massachusetts
  • Shane started his own company that is doing extremely well
  • I have expanded my practice and am looking at moving into a new office soon
  • I have taken more time for me this year and have discovered new hobbies, TV, etc.
  • Punkin started up dancing again
  • Punkin went to summer camp for the first time
  • I've sold all but 5 copies of my book
  • I've taken the time to deepen several friendships and have cut ties with others
  • Shane and I celebrated our 14th anniversary
I'm sure there's more that I've left off, but those are the highlights. In fact, I am going to look at my potential new office this afternoon. It's both exciting and scary to think of moving. I have been in my current office since 2004. But what's life without risks? Boring.

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Creechman said...

No greater risk than sitting in your house, waiting for hurricanes to tear off your roof, while your car engine develops a malady hitherto unknown to the science of the dealership. :)

BAH! I got a Macbook, and that is what counts.