Seize the Day?

I was trying to upload a picture from Punkin's Girl Scout Camp experience, but I guess it's too big for Blogger to handle. Fiddlesticks. I can describe it to you though: it is a picture of Punkin, her BFF and a new friend they have made at camp smiling big in the pool. I have gotten a couple of letters from her saying how much fun she is having...except she is hating having to clean. HAHAHAHAHA! Maybe I can carry some of that over into our everyday life!

Anyway, we are going to pick them up tonight after we see the show they have for us parents. You'd think that we would have run off to Fiji or something for a week since we were kid-free, but looking back on the week, we definitely did not seize the day. We both have been working like mad. I took a seminar. The only thing different that we did all week was to go out for a late dinner last night and have some drinks on a Thursday. Oooooh. Oh well. Fiji would probably be more fun if Punkin came along anyway.


Creechman said...

Zip the pic and upload it. Nearly everyone who clicks on it, will automatically unzip it. :)

Cosmos. The drink of Carl Sagan? Universal appeal? U R seeing a constellation of stars? Feeling warped?

I say, space out.

Bubba's Sis said...

We tend to not take good advantage of being kid-free either. Oh well. You'll be glad to have your Punkin back!