Go Play in Traffic

Me and Friend Kate Playing on I-45

So yesterday on our way to pick up the kiddos, a police car started swerving in front of us, keeping both lanes on I-45 pretty much blocked. Then he turned his car sideways and stopped, preventing traffic from getting on I-45 North from 288 at downtown. Another cop blocked the entrance to I-45 South. For those who are not Houstonians, Interstate 45 is a major freeway which is heavily trafficked pretty much all the time.

The cop told us we'd be sitting there for 15 minutes. WTF??? Come to find out they had to block the freeway because George Dubya's motorcade was on its way to Ellington Field. So...we decided to get out of the truck and play in the road. Yes, my mother's dream has finally come true! All those commands of, "Go play in traffic!" have been fulfilled. She'll be so proud...


Cheryl said...

Isn't it grand to live in a town where The Prez comes to visit so often?

Bubba's Sis said...

Ugh! Anytime I get stuck in non-moving traffic I have Rita evacuation flashbacks.