Hairy Scary Monsters

Enjoyed a nice anniversary getaway this weekend. This morning, we watched a few episodes of MonsterQuest. Always on the lookout for TV to make fun of, we were thrilled to happen upon this gem. 

The basic premise is science taking on urban legends pertaining to animals - BigFoot, Nessie, etc. Some of the episodes were pretty cool - getting footage of elusive giant squids and such. But after watching several episodes, we basically determined that the program consists of 30 minutes of speculation, 10 minutes of over-dramatic interviews and 4 minutes of science.

My favorite was the "black jaguar" (not known to exist in North America) carcass recovered, analyzed and being determined to be the bones of a domestic dog. Yeah, that segment took 20 minutes. But hey - I am the idiot watching it.


Reggie said...

I saw a similar show on cable (Showtime?) while traveling recently -- but it was hosted by Penn and Teller and was actually pretty amusing. Same mix of about 4% science.

Reggie said...

Ok,the show is on Showtime. It's called "Bullsh*t" and airs on Thursday nights. I'll set the DVR for it...