Conference Debriefing

My brain is mush from that conference. But it was wonderful and totally worth going. It was so empowering to hear 200 women come together and talk about how ridiculous society's, and even our own, expectations of mothers are just undo-able. 

How did we get stuck with being in charge of child care, house, social calendar, medical and sometimes working 40 hours + per week on top of that? It's really no wonder so many new moms get postpartum mood disorders. We just can't meet those unrealistic expectations.

I really enjoyed listening to Representative Jessica Ferrar (D). She made a point that really stuck with me: By not getting involved in a political passion, you are deferring your power to someone else. By God, I may just register to vote for the first time in my life.

I also sold about 15 books and won one of the silent auction items (a big basket full of girly bath and body stuff). I stayed in the ritzy hotel Friday night with a friend, which was a lot of fun. I may be biased since I was on the conference committee, but I think this conference was one of the best, if not the best, one PSI has ever had!

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creechman said...

Hey, congratulations on the book sales! :)