It's All Good

Sometimes when I feel, I look for the source of that feeling. Irrational thoughts cross my mind, because it's not that I'm not supposed to be here...but it's why am I here? If only everyone looked at it that way -the human race would have died out by now.

Every kind word that I have spoken...every kind act I have performed...leads me to the conclusion that I suck. How fucked up is that??!! Those that have benefitted from these "altruistic" movements don't know the truth. I want you to be happy...but I deserve only the refuse of humanity. C'est la vie for me. I only live to serve. And there's something wrong about that.


Creechman said...

Ace, you think U R original, but all said by poets and philosophers a long time ago, yet not as cleverly.

You should be on a podcast like Morgan Webb. Or Cali.

You're made for it. :)

Hey, you published a book. I don't know anyone who can do that.

So the web should be easy.

Reggie said...

You are one of my favorite people EVER. We all suck compared to you.