Hurricane Movie Failures

What a weird afternoon it has been. My 6pm client rescheduled to 1pm, so I was done with work extra early. I picked Punkin up and came back home. About an hour ago, the heavens opened up and the wind started gusting. The view of my back yard looks like something straight out of a weather report during a hurricane. It feels like it should be 10pm, yet the clock says 6:20.

I just attempted to watch Blade Runner: The Director's Cut. I say "attempted" because I had to turn it off. Too gruesome for me. And the movie itself generally sucked in my opinion. I was surprised because I have been hearing how great it is from fellow sci-fi fans for years. I finally sit down to watch it and I get confused, bored and then grossed out. No thank you.

Speaking of adventures (and I wasn't), I am not sure if I want to take Punkin to see the new Indiana Jones movie that's coming out on May 22. (Oooh...I see they're including Abner Ravenwood - he's supposed to be dead!) I guess I'll have to see it first and screen it for her. Oh, the things I do for her! She had a hard time with all the blood and face melting in Raiders of the Lost Ark. It's ironic because I was about her age when my dad took me to see that very movie in the theater. I remember getting just as freaked out.

Rise and fall, turn the wheel cause all life
Is really just a circle.

Thanks for that wisdom, Big Head Todd.

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Eric said...

Blade Runner may be my favorite sci fi movie. Definitely top 3. I haven't seen the new director's cut.

I don't remember it being gruesome at all. I guess the opening scene has some gore, but that's about it. You should definitely give it a second shot. The non-director's cut has a few voice-overs to explain what's going on.

(BTW, this latest and supposed final director's cut is third director's cut.)